Friday, February 6, 2009

They're coming for you, Barbara...

I finally did it. I threatened Curtis with it for a couple weeks and I decided to make good on it. So, I'm sitting at home watching trashy VH1 reality show (man, that Ray J seems like he is pretty serious about finding love), getting kinda tipsy (Brooke, you are so right, Levity is sooo good!), and wondering why anyone would want to read what I write. They probably don't, but there will be lots of pictures to distract them. Now, if she wants, my mom can keep tabs on me when she moves to Texas. Now I can vent on here instead of through the million emails I send to Curtis everyday. And most importantly, I can help you, the reader, prepare of the impending zombie apocalypse. If the signs in Austin are any indication, they are coming and we better get prepared. Thanks for reading, now I gotta go to bed.

PS. Smooth Away does not work. It's freaking sandpaper. You can't shave with sandpaper.

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