Monday, February 16, 2009

Art in the Big City

Friday was all sorts of fun. Me and Curtis went to the Denver Art Museum and got our culture on. We wandered around for hours and by the end of it I was glad I wore comfy shoes instead of trying to look cute. Though I did notice my trusty Cons had formed a tear on the side through which I could see my mismatched socks. Somewhere, my mother is cringing at the thought of it. But I digress. Here are some of my favorite exhibits we saw.

"Linda" by John DeAndrea
This was so lifelike it was scary. I kept expecting her to get up and try to eat my brains.

"Gilbert and George" by Gilbert Prousch and George Passmore
Loved the color and mood of this one. It kinda reminds me of old Italian Giallo movies.

"Fox Games" by Sandy Skoglund
I just love how simple the colors are. And all the foxes were doing completely different things.

"Passing/Posing (Marriage of the Virgin)" by Kehinde Wiley
I loooooove this artist! I saw some of his work in Austin and have been a fan ever since. He brings people out from the street and has them pose in the style of other famous paintings. His realism is amazing.I felt like I could reach and and grab that dude's cell phone.
Other highlights from the day... On the way to Denver, the radio played almost every cheesy song I adore. I ate a ton of nachos and drank awesome beer. I got to pop virtual bubbles with my feet. The night ended with a viewing of Jason X AKA Jason in Space. All in all, a pretty spectacular day.

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