Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Schwinn Approved

My family has it's share of vices. I personally can't stop myself from drinking sugar-free Red Bulls. In wifebeaters. While yelling at small children from my lawn.
   Curtis has a small problem with bikes. He rides them, collects them and loves just about everything about them. We've even converted our garage into a foster home for wayward bikes.
    This past 4th of July, Curtis' mom, sister and brother journeyed out to their homeland of Wisconsin and brought him back a little present. Uncle Jim had been holding on to this puppy since the 60's. All the brothers, Jim, Bob and Curtis' dad, Bill, had matching ones when they were kids and only Jim still had his. It's still in great shape and once Curtis put it all back together, it was totally rideable.

This sumbitch is extremely heavy! Frames are so freaking light nowadays, it's a wonder people could get anywhere in a timely manner back in the day. Curtis rode it to work and it added another twenty minutes onto his commute. And he apparently didn't have enough fat on his rump to deal with the brick of a seat. But it is such a beautiful bike! Great addition to our little bicycle family.

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