Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Moving Part 1

Last Sunday, we officially moved some stuff into my new place. My crew came along and was way beyond helpful, even though most of us were exhausted from the Modest Mouse concert the night before. It was a bit of an adventure moving stuff over the border and my sister Alix was so kind to document the whole thing. I wanna thank my friends and family so much for helping me. I love you guys!

Nothing gets a girl motivated to move like a 711 hot dog.

Goodbye Windy Wyoming. Hello Colorful Colorado!

This was probably the heaviest thing I lifted all day.

Look at that view! Oh, and the Foothills are okay too...

Part of my kitchen/living room and my exhausted helpers.

Curtis measuring out my new log cabin bedroom.

Adam, don't just stand there. Bust a move.

Em, Adam, Alix, me, and Curtis. What a motley crew. Love you guys!

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