Friday, March 6, 2009

You seen this yet, Bub?

Oh, I am so ready for this. I thank the geek gods that what I love is finally getting some mainstream attention. Between this, the Watchmen, GI Joe and Transformers 2, my summer is going to be packed with nachos, uncomfortable theater seats, and me giggling at every little nerd reference. I watched the final Wolverine trailer and tried to see if I could identify everyone in there. I was excited when I saw familiar faces (or at least powers) but I am a little worried about them cramming in way too many super characters. I was ecstatic to see Gambit in there, but WTF does Cyclops have to do with Wolverine's back story? And if he's in this movie, don't you think Wolverine and Cyclops would have recognized each other in the first X-Men? I know, I know, I'm getting nit picky and don't know the story so I shouldn't complain. It was pretty cool to see Emma Frost power up for that second though.
One person I am excited to see brought to the big screen is Deadpool.
He is one of my favorite non-X-men comic book characters. I don't think they could have cast anyone better than Ryan Reynolds. Deadpool is "the merc with a mouth," infusing ridiculous humor with butt kicking. Nobody does funny cocky badass like Ryan Reynolds. After seeing him in Blade 3, I know he can do it. In the trailers, we only see pretty boy Deadpool and those of you who have read the comics know his face is regularly referred to as hamburger meat.

So, all I gotta say is this guy better not be Deadpool.

The only reason I think that is this...
In the trailer, this guy is is shooting lasers and has claws and such nonsense. That's not what Deadpool does!!! But the more I read on blogs and message boards, it looks like this is a totally different character and the packaging was either a mistake or a red herring.
This is the problem with something you love falling into someone else's hands. The movie is going to be ridiculously cool, I have no doubt of that. I just get worried that it's gonna be another X3. That the action will be awesome but the story will go blah. This definitely turned into more of a hater blog than I meant it to be. But you know I'm still going to be in line for the midnight showing. Who's with me?!

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  1. Holy cow. I feel like I just read a story in Greek or something. What did that all mean?