Thursday, September 6, 2012

Issue Three

Good Thursday to you, ravishing readers of my rants! It's Tegan Pants, back on the grind.

Sorry for the Labor Day delay! An extra day off means extra time with Mommy and Daddy.
Mommy was going to make me read all weekend, but Daddy insisted we spend some time outside.
After some tummy time and sunshine, it was time to get the ol' reading glasses back on.

This week, I'm reviewing "Darkwing Duck: Crisis On Infinite Darkwings, "
written by Ian Brill with art by James Silvani.

This review required a little bit of homework. Daddy says I'm not allowed to watch TV. So as soon as he went out for a bike ride, Mommy sat me in front of the computer and showed me this.

After we watched a couple episodes, I think Mommy forgot what we were doing and we took a nap.
The rest must have refocused her and she busted out this week's comic.

Since this was the biggest book I had ever read, I might have put it off a little longer than I should have. There were various stages of procrastination.

Mommy told me Darkwing Duck was a cartoon she watched when she was little, waaaay back in the day. It's about a duck named Drake Mallard who lives a double life as Darkwing Duck, the self proclaimed "Terror that Flaps in the Night." Along with his loyal sidekick Launchpad and daughter Gosling, he fights crime in the bay city of St. Canard.

In this story, Darkwing Duck is framed for a series of crimes by the evil Negaduck who brings Darkwing Ducks from other dimensions to St. Canard to wreck up the place. I was a little shaky about the details of interdimensional travel, but don't tell Mommy cause I can't handle another lecture.

All sorts of bad guys get free from prison and attack!
Some of Darkwing's rouges gallery remind me an awful lot of Uncle Russell...

On a side note, I KNEW ANIMALS COULD TALK!!!
Darkwing Duck is always running around flapping his beak about something. I had a sneaking suspicion that my cats Romeo and Mercutio always want to yell at me about something but are just too lazy. Now if they could only focus their energies on something other than eating, sleeping and pooping (I know, that's pretty much all I do), they could be crime fighters too!

I really loved this comic! The writer found a great way to translate the fun of the TV show into the pages of a comic. The story was very funny and there were jokes for both Mommy and me. The recommended reading age is 8 years and up, but there were funnies in there for old people like Mommy too. Though, keep in mind that Mommy is a little immature. We both found something on every page to giggle about.

The art is amazingly well done. It holds true to the TV show, while improving on it. There's a lot of detail on every page and a lot of fun stuff to look at. You never know what you are going to see. Keep an eye out for a gaggle of Disney princesses, a flying Darkwing bowling ball and ducks on dinosaurs.

So I would say, pick it up, read it and enjoy!

Until next week, this is Tegan Pants, OUT!


  1. Hmmm As I recall Russell's nickname was Bushroot back in the day. :) Nice read Tegan Pants.

  2. Do you like Howard the Duck as well, Ms. Tegan?