Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Know your rights!

Tomorrow at the Rio (7pm), Your Group Ride will be hosting a night with ColoBikeLaw's founder Brad Tucker. Tucker is an avid cyclist and attorney who will be addressing Colorado Vehicle Law and specifically how it pertains to cyclists.
From Your Group Ride's website -
"What are our rights as cyclists? What are our responsibilities? How do recent changes in Colorado state law affect group rides?   How do we as a community foster understanding and acceptance of recreational and competitive cycling on Colorado roads?   In short, how do we “Share the Road” and insure that those around us do the same?"

They will also be giving away t-shirts (above design) designed by my uber-talented husband Curtis. These shirts promote the "3 Feet to Pass" law passed in Colorado which makes it mandatory to give cyclists 3 feet when passing in your vehicle.
It's extremely important to be safe out on the road. And part of that is know the law and what exactly our rights are, as a cyclist and as a motorist. The more we are informed, the more cohesive relationship we can have with everyone on the road!
Come for a night of great food (free appetizers!), great people and great education. For more specifics on tomorrow, visit here. Hope to see yall there!

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