Tuesday, June 29, 2010


AHHHHHH!!!! Been gone for awhile. And summer is finally here!
-Bought a house. Love it.
-Was outside too long pulling the tons of weeds we have in our backyard. Burnt it.
-Went to the HOW Design Conference. Learned it.
-Got back on the bike and tackled Bingham Hill. Killed it then hurt it(my tuchas).
-Got up to Volume 6 of Fables. Read it. Yeah, you!
Looking forward to a summer of no wedding planning, barbeques, beer and bike rides.
Photo via here.

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  1. Surprise! I'm your next door neighbor! 2917 :) I was out of town for Curtis' bday, and my husband has been working a lot and was just too tired. Stop by and say hi sometime! But not today... I need to bathe!